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Periodic Table of Cleaning

Last week I adapted a cleaning chart from Real Simple. I saw it pinned on Pinterest, but was unable to find the original, so I recreated it specifically for our daily, weekly and monthly chores. I posted a picture of it on our Instagram [@aspieventures] and it got so many likes and requests for copies that I am making it available for you here. I made it in photoshop, but it could easily be done in Excel or Word with a table insert if you want to customize it more for your family. I color coded ours by morning/afternoon, daily, weekly and monthly. I also have different colors for my chores and for Cullen’s. Dad pitches in around the house a lot, but his aren’t scheduled.

Part of our routine after school is for Cullen to help with chores, but I am usually fixing dinner when he’s helping so I am making up chores as I go. He really likes to know what needs to be done and do it without being asked. I have a hard time remembering to dust or vacuum, so my kitchen is usually clean and the floors get ignored. This chart helps make sure everything gets done, gives Cullen a little more independence and hopefully will get him into the habit of keeping his house clean on a regular basis instead of a mad dash to clean up whenever people are coming over.

To print, click on the image below and it will open in a larger view. From there you can save or print as needed.


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